Release 1.0.0 of md.js

markdown documentation into your web page

I often feel the need to write documentation, and recently, it got even worse. I like documented APIs. Don't get me wrong, I love looking into the source of different libraries and frameworks, but nonetheless, I'm happy when the documentation can bring me enough information for me to be productive with a library.

With the rise of all these libraries, frameworks and dedicated open source documentation pages, I write more documentation than ever. As github files, as wikis, etc...

To be able to reduce the time writing documentation for a dedicated website, I thought. why not use the markdown as base for my documentation?

And so it started

I immediately started writing a small piece of JavaScript that was able to include my formerly created (README.MD, anyone?). Using an existing library as markdown converter, the result came rather quickly.

Basically, the script would check every tag for an mdjs class and insert the markdown as html inside of that tag.

But I was not satisfied.

JavaScript is not my best asset

I have to admit. Most of my javascript code is not something to be proud of. I don't know. I often find myself starting out right, but creating an unmaintainable mess in the end. I wanted this to be different. I wanted to be able to use this small piece of code, throughout all of my projects. So this had to be done right, even for a small script like this.


So I looked a bit into grunt and came up with the first version of md.js. It's open source, has a small footprint and will be expanded with new functionality as requested. So feel free to fork it, create pull requests and create tickets.


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