Release 1.0.0 of md.js

markdown documentation into your web page I often feel the need to write documentation, and recently, it got even worse. I like documented APIs. Don't get me wrong, I love looking into the source of different libraries and frameworks, but »

Event driven programming using Spring Boot and Reactor

Reactor, as the name suggests, is heavily influenced by the well-known Reactor design pattern. But it is also influenced by other event-driven design practices, as well as several awesome JVM-based solutions that have been developed over the years. Reactor's goal »

Thymeleaf, a worthy opponent to JSPs, using Spring Boot

Thymeleaf, a worthy alternative If you were looking for a decent alternative for those old JSPs, look no further. Thymeleaf is a Java library. It is an XML / XHTML / HTML5 template engine (extensible to other formats) that can work both »

Spring Profiles using Spring Boot

The Code This small article will explain how you can use profiles in your spring boot application. It will show you how you can activate them and test them. This article will be accompanied by a github repository Note: Parts »

Yeoman - A Spring Initializr alternative

Setting up a skeleton for a spring boot application can be done quite fast without any tools. Only one gradle build file and one startup class are enough to bootstrap the entire application. But what if we want to quickly »