Cindercloud update | Week 16

Cindercloud update | Week 16

Development Updates

In this section, we'll be talking about all development updates of the Cinderdcloud platform.

Exchange Support: Kyber

We've added an easy way for logged-in users to access Kyber Network. Logged in users will now see a new tab in their profile, which brings them to the brand-new exchange part of the platform.

DevOps: Docker builds

We updated our pipelines to automatically push out new versions of our main branch to docker. This way, we create a way to continuously deploy new versions, as they get developed. Basically, you'll get updates faster, reducing release-time while at the same time trying to reduce the bugs we might introduce by releasing bigger packages.

If you want to run your own version of Cindercloud - which you totally can, just credit us - you can use the images that can be found on dockerhub:

DevOps: Moved to a new server

Although we haven't talked that much about our server architecture before (we promise we'll make a separate blog post on this matter), we wanted to include the fact that we moved to a new system. Our old system wasn't fast enough when it came to indexing historic transactions. At this point, we're reindexing each and every single historic transaction into a new database. In the coming days, it's possible that transaction history might be incomplete.

Start of Trezor Integration

Trezor will be one of our first hardware wallets that we'll support. We haven't deployed any of this functionality yet, but expect to release it in the coming days/weeks.

Quick access to supported ERC20 tokens

On the bottom of every supported ERC20 token, we've added a small section where you can access the contract. At this point, only constant function are possible.

General Updates

  • We've received our KeepKey, so if possible (because we're still not sure that there's currently a bridge to js), we'll start with the integration as soon as possible.

  • Once QuickNode has added their full-archive, tracing nodes, we'll use them to index all internal transactions and to be able to give nice traces of your transactions.

As always, if you find any bugs, report them to us on github. Until next week!